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Happy August

The first day of August!  I can’t believe it’s August already.  This month . . . I celebrate my anniversary, summer vacation is winding down and the new school year is just around the corner.  School in our district starts in just 10 days.  I usually get a little excited about school starting up — new beginnings, new students, new clothes, new supplies.  I LOVE buying school supplies. ( I know that’s sad.  🙂  I always feel a little stressed that vacation is over, back to a schedule, deadlines, back to work.

This year is different.  I retired in June after 31 years of teaching.  I don’t really feel retired just yet.  It feels just like any other summer vacation, except that I usually work off and on on school projects.  This summer, I’ve knit and worked in the garden and knit and shopped and knit and . . . . you get the idea.

After she retired, a friend said that on the first day of school she set her alarm just like she had done every other year.  When the alarm rang that morning she smiled, hit the button, rolled over and went right back to sleep.  I’m not sure what I’ll do or how I’ll feel on the first day of school this year.  I’ll let you know.  August will still be a happy time, just a little different.

As promised, here are pictures of the Swallowtail Scarf.  I just love it!  The last picture shows the color best.