Breakfast at High Bridge

Sunday morning, we did one of our favorite things.  We took breakfast to High Bridge.  It’s a beautiful, peaceful way to start a day.

Soon after our son left for college, my husband and I began to get that “empty nest” feeling.  So we decided to change things up a bit and start some new traditions that included “just us”.  Early one morning, we picked up breakfast from McDonald’s and headed for High Bridge.  It’s turned into a real favorite for us.


High Bridge has quite a history.  When it was finished in 1877, it was the highest bridge in North America, longest cantilever bridge and highest railroad bridge in the world.  It became quite an attraction.  Over the years there have been changes and improvements.  The community has done a great deal of restoration and turned the area nearby into a park with picnic shelters, a playground, an overlook and a large pavilion.  The park is high above the river.

From the shelter, you can look across to the palisades, listen to the birds and watch for wildlife.  Sunday, you could hear the shrill call of a hawk.  My favorites are the geese that fly up and down the river.  Pigeons roost on the bridge.  Sounds from the river below drift up.  You can hear the trains coming in the distance and watch them as they cross the bridge.

High Bridge is one of our favorite places.  It’s a great place to sit quietly and enjoy the surroundings.  And it’s a good place to talk and make plans.  We visit often throughout the year.