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Newport Aquarium

Yesterday we took a trip to the Newport Aquarium.  We hadn’t visited in many years and thought this would make a good trip before school starts. The aquarium was great.  It’s well laid out with lots of creatures to enjoy.  Much larger than the last time we visited.

100_1902_2There are several tunnels that take you through the tanks to enjoy the animals up close.  One little girl was having a great time in the tunnel until her mom told her to look down.  She wasn’t nearly as pleased when she discovered that the water was underneath her as well.

100_1906A diver entered the tunnel to add some plants and check on his charges.

100_1909There’s a whole room devoted to jellyfish.  These are in a huge tube in the middle of the room.

100_1934Penguins are always entertaining and had a big audience.  They stood and faced the glass as if they knew they were on a stage.

100_1850This beautiful guy followed me through the aviary, swooping around my head.  I was told that he likes to have his picture taken and is attracted to shiny things, like ladies earrings and the workers’ name tags.

100_1923_2Here’s the obligatory shark picture.

100_1891_2And one of the poison dart frogs for T.

100_1942The weather was rainy all the way there, stormy and intense on the way home.  This was the visibility we had.  We pulled over three times.  It was intense — quite an adventure.  Oh, did I mention the lightning and pea-sized hail!  Lots of flooding in the area.

100_1948Four hours in the car means lots of knitting time, although there wasn’t much knitting on the drive back.  I worked on the Greek Meander Afghan for my son.  It was his 2008 Christmas present.  I had to give it to him on the needles.  And, sadly, it’s still on the needles.  The two of us added a couple of design changes to the pattern at Christmas.  It’s large, heavy and cumbersome.  So it gets put aside sometime.  I’ve been working more on it lately.  I’ve just passed the middle black rib band and am started the second half.