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Not Your Average Anniversary

Well . . .  Yesterday was our 35th wedding anniversary.  Although we didn’t have a big plan, mostly because it was also the first day back to school for my husband, we did have a couple of things in mind to celebrate.  Sometimes it pays not to have a big plan.  Sometimes you’re thrown a curve.  And that’s what happened yesterday.  DH didn’t go to school.  Instead, we spent 4 hours in his doctor’s office, the lab and the pharmacy.  Dr. called today and all the tests are clear (a good anniversary gift) — just take the meds, rest and come back next week.  What a rotten way for him to spend his anniversary.  But he’s on the mend today!

I usually have a small knitting bag that sits next to my chair with some kind of easy “travel” project inside.  Whenever I’m headed out to an appointment or going to ride in the car for a while, I pluck it up and off we go.  I absolutely hate to sit idle.  Wouldn’t you know that yesterday the bag was empty.  I’d finished up the latest travel project the week before.  I dropped a ball of cotton and needles in the bag and made this while we waited.

orange sherbertGrandma’s Favorite Dishcloth
Peaches & Creme – Orange Sherbert

I was too tired to work on the lace last night, so while we were waiting to hear from #1 Son I started a pair of Two Needle Slippers.  Since I gave two pair away at Christmas last year, this pair is mine.  The pattern is very straight forward and easy to stop and start.  So this goes in the knitting bag.  I didn’t get very far last night so I’ll have to do a picture later.

#1 Son was coming back from a trip to Boston/New Hampshire.  The second leg of his flight was delayed and then cancelled.  So they put him up in a hotel and booked him on another fight this morning.  He just sent a text saying he was back, OK and ready for a long nap.  Me too!

All in all it was quite a day yesterday.  And certainly not your average anniversary.  Everyone is well and safe.  There’s no better present than that.