First Day of School . . .

. . . and I’m not there.  First time since I started kindergarten.  After 16 years as a student, and 31 years of teaching, I retired in June.  I’ve been curious all summer about what this day would be like.  How would it feel not to have to get up with the alarm this morning?  To send DH off and not leave at the same time?  To have the morning to myself (DH retired last year and now teaches part-time, so he’s home by lunch)?  The answer — not bad, not bad at all.  😉

So . . . This morning, I got up with the alarm (old habits are hard to break) and sent DH off.  Made a pot of caramel truffle coffee, took a cup out to the deck and sat down with the dog to wait for the first school bus to go by.  I’ve been thinking about watching for the buses all summer.  I have no idea why.  When the last bus went down the road, I went back inside to my new day.

first day of schoolHere’s what I did on my first day of school — knit (of course), sat on the deck and read for a while, checked my favorite blogs on the Internet and visited Ravelry (another of course), lunch with DH at Fazoli’s and now I’m writing this post.  There’s probably a little laundry in my future this evening (somebody’s got to do it).

Not a bad first day of school, retirement What a nice day!