Today was spent . . .

. . . knitting, reading and balancing the checkbook.  Here are some of the specifics — about the knitting and reading, you don’t want to hear about the checkbook.  🙂

I love being able to spend a couple of hours in the mornings working on the the Kellokukka shawl.  The chart doesn’t slow me down any more.  I’m working on the sixth flower (if you count from the cast on up the center).  I’m not a speedy knitter, so it’s taking about 10-12 minutes to work across a row.  And that means I only get about 6 rows finished at a sitting.  Any more than that and I make silly mistakes that lead to tedious tinking.  I’m sure I have enough yarn to finish the sixth flower, but I’m not so sure about a seventh.  I need to take a good look at the chart and some other projects on Ravelry to see when I should stop.  The repetition of the pattern makes it a nice knit, but also makes me ready to get it finished.

Years ago, my mom began collecting Agatha Christie novels through a book club.  When she downsized her home, we brought the collection with us.  So I decided to start reading some of the “Poirot books” this summer.  Well, I haven’t read much, ’cause I’d rather be knitting, but  I finished A Holiday for Murder several weeks ago.  I love Poirot and it was an enjoyable read.  Now I’ve started Sad Cypress.  Poirot doesn’t appear until a little over a third of the book.  I’m having a little trouble sticking with this one, but Elinor has been accused of murder and I can’t imagine how they’ll get her out of it.  So, I’m going to take my Diet Rite and go out on the deck and see how much I can get read before supper.

Enjoy the rest of your day!