In the Garden · Snapshots

Garden Blooms

I’ve come up one stitch short 10 rows from finishing the Kellokukka shawl.  I’ve search and tinked and can’t find the mistake.  The last lifeline is 12 rows back.  Arrrrrgh.  I’ve set it aside and will take another look again later.

Going to the garden and enjoying the flowers always calms my knitting nerves.  So I thought I’d share a couple of blooms from the garden that have a special story or meaning to the family.

100_2029First, the marigolds.  Soon after we were married, we got these marigolds from my MIL’s garden.  DH has gathered seeds and planted them every year since.  These marigolds have been in our gardens at several houses and with us here for almost 20 years (well, not these exact plants, but you get the idea).  The bees have been scarce for the last couple of years and the seeds haven’t been as dependable.  But he’s managed another year with these orange beauties.

100_2037A small pot of these black-eyed susans were given to me many years ago by a kindergarten student at the end of the school year.  Her mom had been a colleague for several years.  Black-eyed susans spread quickly and these have thrived in several different places.  They’re such a bright and happy flower.  They were given to me by Joy and they always make me smile.

100_1809And check out the beautiful colors of the zinnias.  DH collects the seeds on these each year as well.  He doesn’t separate the colors so it’s always a pleasant surprise when they bloom to see what’s been mixed together.

I always feel better after a walk in the garden.  Now I’m ready to go back and search for the missing stitch in the shawl.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

♥ J