My “Knitting Corner”

100_2049A couple of days ago I wrote that I took a hard look at the knitting corner and knew that something had to be done.  So . . . here’s my new, improved knitting corner.

Well, it’s not really new, ’cause I’ve been working in this spot for several years.  But it is definitely improved. I considered showing a “before” picture.  But I’ve decided to concentrate on the nice, orderly “after” instead.

I love my chair.  It’s wide and very comfy.  When needed, my Ott Lite (that I got for my anniversary) can sit up close on the wide arms.  That’s T’s afghan hanging over the back reminding me that it needs my attention.

100_2052The table holds the current WIP (this time it’s the sleeve of DH’s Cobblestone Pullover) and odds and ends that are used most often.  The creel basket holds notebooks, journals, and my sudoku book.  The little containers on the left hold stitch markers and beads that want to be stitch markers someday.  This is actually a computer table with a pull out shelf for the keyboard.  The sliding shelf holds scissors, pens/pencils/erasers, post-its, and beading tools — oh yes, and the four remote controls that are rarely used but can’t seem to find a home anywhere else.

100_2053My favorite part of the corner is the basket shelves.  I looked for quite a while for something to set on the hearth to hold all the projects and journals and beads and yarn and patterns and . . .  DH found these baskets with handles in a couple of different sizes.  They’re perfect stacked like shelves and hold it all.  He has the best ideas.

I made the huge, wicker potato basket years ago.  Right now it’s holding all the extra little balls of leftover yarn that don’t really have a home.  I guess the next project is to reorganize the yarn shelves in the spare closet so I can empty that basket.  But not today.  I need to do some laundry and a little knitting before supper.

So what does your “knitting/stitching/crafting” spot look like?  Care to share?

Enjoy the rest of your day!