When a Knitter Gets Desperate . . .

. . . A Knitter Gets Creative!  🙂

On the way out this morning, I grabbed the Windmill Bag with the slipper project inside.  This bag is always packed with an easy project and its supplies — ready to go.  As I settled in at the Doctor’s office for a little waiting room knit time, I pulled out the slipper and finished up the last row.  Time to bind off.  So I checked the directions and realized that the bind off was on a size 8 needle (not the size 6 used for the rest of the slipper).  I remember the last time I made these that using a larger needle had been really important to give the slipper lots of stretch.  No extra needles in the bag.  Lots of time left and no way to knit.  Not good!

100_2167Hmmmm.  I had an idea.  After rooting deep in the purse, I pulled out this.  My favorite Cadoozles mechanical pencil.  Larger than a size 8 needle (turns out to be more like a 10.5 or 11), but I was desperate.   Right?   So I gave it try.  It worked great!  Just enough point on the pencil end with no lead and it left a very neat edge.  What do you think?


Did I look strange knitting with a mechanical pencil?  According to the lady that kept glancing my way — probably yes.  Did I care?  Not a bit.  🙂  I finished the slipper and have about 2″ started on  its mate.  Fun!


Have a happy, “creative” day!

♥ J