In the Garden

Last Peace Rose of the Season

I love our gardens.  And probably my favorite flowers in the garden are the roses.  We have three bushes in the back and two up on the side by the drive.  They bloom late spring and summer in reds, dark and light pinks.

My absolute favorite is the Peace Rose.  The pale yellow petals carry a blush of pink on the edges.  It’s just spectacular!

Our plant has not been in the best health this year and I’ve been concerned about its return.  So I’ve made it a point this summer to watch and enjoy the blooms.  Some were left on the bush and a couple made their way in to the house.

100_2140I had thought the season was finished, when I spotted one last bud several days ago.  The colors were perfect.  Yesterday when I went to check on its progress, I spotted a Japanese Beetle munching on the petals.  I shook the bud to knock the beetle off and . . .  the bud fell off in my hand.  I was so disappointed.  I couldn’t bring myself to toss it in the compost. I brought the bud inside, put it in a votive holder with water and set in on the kitchen window sill.  And this is what I found this morning.


Isn’t she a beauty? !  How could this not be a good day?

I hope you’re able to enjoy beauty and peace today,

♥ J