Watching the Sky

This was the sky early this morning when Sydney and I took our first walk.

8.28.09 am

Hints of showers to come, but eventually the sun burned through for a warm sunny day.  The shower came at supper time, light and fine, barely enough to wet the ground.  Just enough to raise the humidity.

And then this treat in the evening sky.

8.28.09 pm
8.28.09 pm

Like lots of kids, I spent many hours with friends staring at the sky and clouds — finding funny shapes and admiring the color.  I’m still fascinated.  Some things never grow old.

One month ago today I started this blog to share hobbies, crafts and the garden, with a few “ponderings” sprinkled in.  It’s been a fun month.

Have a great weekend!

♥  J