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Sydney on Thursday and Yarn’s Here!

Sydney on the Deck 9.3.09

This is Miss Sydney. She made her debut on the blog here and she’s pretty excited to have a recurring role now that we’ve joined the Dogs on Thursday group.  Maybe I’m the one excited.  It’s hard to tell.  I’ve been stalking her with the camera all week and she’s getting pretty tired of it.  So early this morning when we were out on the deck, I held a cookie over the camera and got this pretty pose.  Anything for a cookie, huh girl?  Sydney has lots of interests — cookies, toys, squirrels, jogs with DH, long walks, cookies, rolling on the rug . . .  Her border collie intelligence and “must have work” attitude keeps us on our toes and sometimes gets the best of her.  She’s quite a cuddle dog and a very special member of the family.

The Yarn’s Here!  Seriously, just a few minutes after I posted yesterday the mail truck stopped at our house, left the mail and drove on down the road.  When I went to collect the mail, it was there.  A large envelope (not a box) stuffed in the mailbox.  Yea!

100_2306Here are my goodies.  Malabrigo Sock in abril, indiecita, tiziano red, violeta africana, persia and archangel.  Some I have plans for (abril and indiecita are for an Ulmus shawl) others will tell me what they should be later.  I chose the archangel for the Traveling Woman shawl, wound the ball and got started last night.

Off to work on the new shawl.  Have a great day!

♥ J