Traveling Woman Progress

Well . . .  The yarn arrived on Wednesday.  It was wound and ready to go right after supper.  My “swift” is one of the kitchen counter chairs parked between me and the TV.  Very handy.

100_2321I enjoy winding by hand.  I wind a center pull ball and take a good look at the yarn while I wind it and find any problems (rarely).  But mostly I enjoy looking closely at the colorway, checking out the colors and how they transition and blend together.  I am in LOVE with this Malabrigo Sock in Archangel.  The colors are just gorgeous.

I made pretty good progress on Friday, adding extra rows to the stockinette section to make it a little bigger, using stitch markers only on the center stitch.  They really annoyed me on the edges, so I took them out.  I’ve learned to do a YO going from a knit to purl and from a purl to knit.  Not at all difficult, but took some getting used to.

Traveling Woman 9.5.09

Then last night, I thought I do just a few rows before bed.  Yes — I know this is the worst idea.  We should never do lace when we’re tired, but I had just started the lace part and wanted to do a little more to see how it would look.  At the end of a pattern row I came up one stitch short.  I searched and searched and couldn’t figure it out.  So I did the sensible thing — I went to bed.  This morning, after tinking back two rows I found the missing YO (it’s always a YO, isn’t it) and all’s good now.

100_2361I started checking the bookstore months ago for this book and finally found it at the bookstore yesterday.  It’s full of good information and some beautiful patterns.  I’ve already marked two, maybe one for a Christmas gift.  Shhhhh . . . have to be careful that someone doesn’t hear me.

Another beautiful day here!

Enjoy your weekend,

♥ J