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Almost Finished

Lots of knitting/stitching time this weekend.

Traveling Woman 9.8.09
Traveling Woman 9.8.09

I have to admit most of the time was spent knitting on the Traveling Woman.  All the stockinette sections and Chart A repeats are completed and I’ve just started the lace border chart.  I’m getting pretty excited about finishing.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE this yarn and colorway.  Once or twice by now, I’m sure.  🙂  The rows are really getting long now.  And I’ve learned from the other two lace projects that when it gets to this point I can’t knit for long periods without making silly mistakes.

My plan is to work a few rows on the shawl and then switch to this . . .

100_2411_1The little zippered case is coming along nicely.  I’ve been so obsessed with the lace that I’ve not worked on this much.  Just need to finish the ladybugs and sunflower center, then the background.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy needlework.  This was a good project to get back to it.


The inside of the case will be really rough when it’s finished so I’ve decided to line it.  Yesterday, I picked up some quarter flats at the fabric store.  The yellow print will be a good inside finish for the case.  No plans for the other three.  I just love the fall colors.  I’m sure something will come up.  🙂

Hoping to get to the garden center today to pick up some mums for the front garden and maybe pots for the deck.  They’re forecasting showers for the afternoon, so we’ll see.

Enjoy your day!

♥ J