In the Garden · Knitting

Surprise, Surprise!

Sydney was obsessing (that’s definitely another post someday) about something in the yard yesterday and was totally ignoring my efforts to call her inside.  So, as I went traipsing out to see what was going on I was surprised by a lovely red rose.  The bush had bloomed beautifully early in the summer and then stopped showing any signs of buds at all for well over a month.

100_2482This unexpected beauty now sits on my stitching table.  What a nice surprise!

100_2467The Traveling Woman was soaked and blocked yesterday afternoon.  It still seems a little damp, so I’m going to leave it for a while longer.  I use fishing line and a few pins to hold the top of the shawls.  My intent was to keep all the edges straight without points.  But I just couldn’t seem to get the fishing line to work.  Maybe it’s time to break down and purchase wires.  Better pictures when it’s unpinned.

Have a great day!