Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday


Last weekend we brought home a trunkload of mums for the gardens and pots.  DH headed to the front yard to plant the golds and whites, while Sydney and I worked in the back.

Sydney really liked the idea of digging in the dirt and was more than willing to help.  But when she had finally “helped” enough she left  to lie in the shade and keep watch for intruding squirrels.


Now it may not look like hard work, but we have very pesky squirrels living nearby and, being a border collie, keeping them is line is Sydney ‘s “work”.  And she takes it very seriously.


The best part for Syd was cleanup.  She loved “herding” the seat (loaded with the tools and gloves) as it rolled down the drive.  She loved it so much, we had to drag it back to the top and let it roll down more than once.

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Enjoy your day!