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Rain, Rain and More Rain

It’s been raining here for most of this past week.  The lawn and plants needed the rain.  Everything looks a little greener.  The past two days are now pushing the limits — the water has nowhere to go and is starting to pool.  This morning, the park looks like this.

The park at 8:00 a.m.
The park at 8:00 a.m.

The brown water is filling the park and covering the floor of the pavilion which is up on a small rise.  It’s been years since we’ve had this much water in that area.  I would have tried to get a better, closer picture.  But that would have involved standing in the road and getting totally drenched.  Sorry, no way.

We tried to go out for breakfast this morning and hit water across the road, turned around and took a new route.  We knew we could get to the restaurant but were becoming concerned about whether, with the rain still pouring down, we could get back home later.  So we headed back home for coffee and biscuits.  Thankfully, the rain has slacked up for now.

Last winter we lost two beautiful, big Hawthorne trees in the front of the house and had to have them removed.  They ground much of the roots and with the help of DH’s composting the soil is much richer there now.  He’s trimmed and put out new plantings, flowers and the mums.  The rains have brought out some surprises in the front garden lately.  Mushrooms — lots of mushrooms!




One last thing for today.  The Falling Leaves Bookmark is finished just in time to use for the Fall Into Reading Challenge I mentioned yesterday.  I’m reading Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon.


Hope you’re staying dry and enjoying the weekend.