Kids’ Mitts

Kids' Mitts 9.28.09
Kids' Mitts 9.28.09

Mittens have been sprouting up in the knitting baskets this month.  Knitting kids’ mitts has been one of my September goals, a goal that I’ll carry throughout the rest of the year.  This month I’ve been testing patterns and yarns (when I can pry myself away from the Nightsongs shawl) and trying to figure out sizes (since I have no little kids at home).  The three in the picture are the keepers so far.  The pumpkin and blue mitts need partners, the yellow pair just needs a thumb.  Even though I don’t have a finished pair yet, I just had to try out the gray/blue yarn to see what the color would look like.  There are about three other mitts that have been frogged because I didn’t like the yarn or color or pattern.

You can check the Kids’ Mitts and Hats Project page in the sidebar for pattern/yarn details and updates.  And I’ll keep you posted as I finish up the projects.

Fall is definitely in the air today.  The sun is bright and the temperature cool.  The mums are blooming; acorns are growing on the willow oaks.  Leaves are sprinkling down on the lawn.  I LOVE the autumn season!

I’m headed off the bake cookies to send to T.
Hope you have a great day!