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Dogs on Thursday — Getting Comfy




Every pup needs a quiet place to get away from the family and take a good nap.  Sydney has several napping places, but her “get-away” place is the living room and she takes her best naps on the couch.  Here’s where she takes her stretched out, deep sleep, oblivious-to-the-world naps.  And this is her favorite position.

So comfy. Wake me when Daddy gets home.

When she was a pup, Sydney would always curl up in the corners of her crate — head, feet and tail pointed in different directions.  The crate’s gone but that position is still her favorite.


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6 thoughts on “Dogs on Thursday — Getting Comfy

  1. Very cute! I love when they sleep that way, I think it means they are very comfortable in their surroundings because it’s such a vulnerable position to sleep in!



  2. Thor likes to sleep on his back, with all his feet in the air, too. Since he’s a jowly dog, his jowls flap open and he looks like a real idiot. We always have a good laugh when he looks like that. Glad Sidney’s comfy!


  3. LOL Looks just like our furbaby.

    Sorry I haven’t been able to get here sooner. I am making up a new member post for our Totally Useless SAL so thought I better stop by and say hello. Looking forward to growth of your totally useless container around the 18th of the month.


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