Knitting · Snapshots

Autumn Sunshine

Friday afternoon there was a hard rain.  When it stopped, a bright beam of sunlight cut through the dark sky.  The trees looked as if they were in a spotlight.  You can see the shadows in the picture.  Such a lovely sight!

fall trees

Where did the weekend go?  Friday afternoon I planning all the things I might be able to do.  And suddenly it was Sunday afternoon.  As I look back, it was busy and I got a long done, just not things that I’d put on the list two days before.  Ah, well.

Spent a while cleaning out the pantry in the kitchen.  Good grief, what a mess.  Looks very organized now but who knows how long that will last.

There was some work on the Gail shawl; I’m working on the toe of the Cauchy sock; and the little lamb has the shading on almost all the body.  Most pictures would look just like the last ones, so we’ll wait a bit for updates on those.

Crocheted a coaster for my coffee cup to protect my desk at work.  Used some leftover yarn from last year’s Christmas scarves and attached a couple of metal leaf charms in a copper and gold color — just for fun.  Gotta have a little wool at work 😉 don’t ya know.



And I was able to spend a little time on Ravelry searching for patterns for my new yarns.  Hey!  That’s where all my time went.  Ravelry is the best!

How did your weekend go?  Busy, restful, long or gone in a flash?

Have a great day!