Do you see a difference?

So . . . I finally started winding the next ball of yarn for the Gail/Nightsong shawl.  I usually enjoy winding by hand — it’s kind of soothing.  But last night — not so much.  The yarn fell from the chair and no matter how hard I tried, the knotted mess just grew and grew.  After more than an hour I had a nice neat ball.


I should be happy right?  Well . . . here’s the Gail in progress.

Do you see a difference in colors?  It’s a major difference and it’s not the camera.  They are both Malabrigo Sock in Indiecita, but two difference dye lots.  The new skein has more blue, less yellow/green.  Originally, I thought I could finish with just one skein and if I needed to break into the second one (that I ordered for another project months later) it would only be for a few rows at the edge.  I hoped the colors would be closer.  Hmmmm.

I’m 9 rows from the end.  There will be a marked difference in color no matter what.  So here are my options . . .

* Use the new ball to finish the last 9 rows.  Maybe an inch of color difference at the edge.

* Frog back to the lifeline (thank goodness for lifelines!) at the beginning of the edging and do that much with the new ball.  That might make a better break for a change in the coloring.

* Try to find the same dye lot as the original to finish.  I’m going to look on Ravelry to see if anyone might be able to help.  Folks there (and I know that’s some of you) are wonderful about helping out.

What do you think?  Is there a better option I haven’t thought of?  Help!!