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Sydney the Ent – DOT

Sydney wants to wish everyone a Happy Dogs on Thursday and an early Happy Halloween.

Can you guess what her costume is?

Syd the Ent

This year she’s dressing as an Ent from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  (In case you’re not a Tolkien fan . . . From Wikipedia — Ents are a fictional race of humanoid trees from J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy world of Middle-earth.)  She’s honoring her boy, T, who was an Ent when he was a young boy.  She was a little reluctant to show her costume early, but Momma was holding a cookie next to the camera.  Sydney’s a push over if a cookie is involved.

On Halloween night, Sydney doesn’t really celebrate that much.  She doesn’t like all those people making noise, knocking on the door, ringing the doorbell, walking in her yard.  So she spends the evening in one of her “safe” places — on Mom and Dad’s bed, with the door closed, TV on (Animal Planet, of course) and a favorite toy.  There will be a certain amount of grumbling and barking.  When the porch light’s turned off, Syd gets a treat and spends the rest of the night with resting with Mom and Dad.

Sydney says, “Be sure to check out what’s going on with other pups at Dogs on Thursday.”



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  1. Sydney makes a great Ent! Too funny! Love it! Yes Halloween is not fun for the four legged critters, poor babies! Have a wonderful weekend!


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