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Wrapping up October

Each year when Halloween comes around, I have fond memories and remember how much T loved the season when he was little.  He loved planning his costume — down to the last detail.  Together, we made almost all his costumes — dinosaur, toucan, continental soldier, union soldier, warrior ant (that was a challenge) and of course the Ent.  (See Sydney’s DOT post.)

We had a fun Halloween last night watching other children enjoy themselves as much as T did.  There were probably only half as many trick-or-treaters as last year.  The children were young, in cute costumes, cheerful and very polite.  As she skipped to her mom one little girl(4 years old maybe) stopped and said, “You have a nice day.  OK?  See you next year.)  And the last little boy, dressed as a cowboy, smiled as he turned to leave and said, “I ‘preciate it maam”.  Fun!!

Yesterday, I finished up the pumpkin Kids’ Mitts — appropriate for Halloween 😉

orange mitts
Kids' Mitts #2Size Medium (ages 8-10) I Love This Yarn! in Burnt Pumpkin US size 6 DPNs

and cast on a third pair.  I finished all but the thumb of the first mitt while giving out Halloween candy.

cloudy mitts

I found these mill ends at Big Lots this weekend.  They weren’t marked with a brand name but everything else on the table for Lion Brand.  It looks like homespun to me — I’m hoping.  Each is a different size skein so I have no idea how many yards there are.  The colors are great and they’ll make good scarves and hats maybe ???


mill endsHave a lovely day!