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“Bad Dog” Did It

There was an unexpected visitor to our house earlier this weekend.  He/she has appeared a time or ten at our house before and may have visited you at some time, too.  Keep an eye out.  I’ve heard that “Bad Dog” visits all the homes of good pups from time to time.

When DH and I came home from the Arboretum this weekend, Sydney pushed past me when I opened the door.  No greeting, no checking for leftover food, just a quick escape from the room — bad sign, very bad sign.  When she came back upstairs (sticking with Dad for support), she went straight to her “safe spot” next to the dining room china cabinet — worst sign of all.

Umm . . . boy, I had a good nap. Umm . . . how was the arboretum? Umm . . . is something wrong?

Sy-yd-ney.  What is this?  How did this get on the floor?

What's what? Oh . . . you mean that stuff on the floor? The pan from the sink? Where did that candy wrapper come from?

Did you do this?

It wasn't me. Nope, I didn't do it. I'm Good Sydney. Remember?

Who did this Sydney?

Must have been "Bad Dog". Yep "Bad Dog" did it! "Bad Dog" does these kinds of things. Not me.

Sydney decided to hide her head under the china cabinet until this all blew over.  If you look closely next to cabinet leg and you can see her peeking from underneath.  This is what she always does when “Bad Dog” gets her into trouble.

Phew! All the evidence has disappeared. Remember how you love it when I lay like this and look cute? Am I forgiven yet?

Just for the record . . . the candy wrapper was empty when it was taken off the table . . . Mom’s fault.  Syd used her Inspector Gadget neck to reach the empty pie plate in the back of the sink.  Now there’s a picture I’d love to snap  🙂

Head on over to  dotbone to check out what’s going on with some of Syd’s friend today.



5 thoughts on ““Bad Dog” Did It

  1. LOL, thank you for my chuckle today! Very good post! I think that this “bad dog” that visits must be able to camoflage cause when he/she comes to my house he/she is in basset form! Happy DOT’s!


  2. I’ve heard of “Bad Dog”. He usually stops by when the humans are out so all the blame is cast on the resident good dog. Poor Sidney! Although I’d be livid if a pie plate hopped out of my sink, too!


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