When are two mitts not a pair?

. . . when they’re not the same color, same yarn, same pattern . . . ???  But what if they are all those things?  Why aren’t they a pair . . . ?

. . . when they don’t turn out to be the same size!


So, I finished the second mitt, grabbed the mate and headed to the dining room for a quick photo and . . . hmmmm.  No matter how I smoothed and stretched it,  the one on the right is definitely shorter.  How did this happen?

After a thorough inspection and a bit of counting, it turns out that sometime on Halloween night, in between hopping up and down to “treat” the trick-or-treaters I started following the number of rows for the small size instead of the medium.  When I made the second mitt, I following the row count correctly.  The “trick” was on me  🙂  The first mitt is almost a half inch shorter than it’s mate.

No problem.  There’s plenty of yarn left.  Enough for one more short and one more real medium mitten.

Hey!  That’ll be two more pair for the Kids’ Mitts project.  Yea!!

The sun is shining today and the air is warming.  It’s gonna be a good day!
Hope you have a good day too!