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Weekend Wrap Up

We had an absolutely beautiful autumn weekend here — sunny and warm.  DH got most of the leaves raked, with Sydney’s help of course, and used them to mulch the gardens.  He was also able to collect seeds from the marigolds that have beautiful golds and crimsons.


A little shopping at the craft store scored some yarn and clear ornaments.  This year’s ort jar contents, from the Totally Useless Stitch-Along, will be transferred to an ornament or two to celebrate the year of stitching.

Another pair of Kids’ Mitts are finished and in the bag for school.  This is the “real” medium pair.


My niece is expecting a little boy soon.  And you know what that means . . . Baby Knitting!  I love baby projects.  They’re small, relatively quick and sooooo cute!  I started the Ribbed Baby Jacket (Ravelry link) in Red Heart’s Collage, tundra colorway.  You can’t tell much from the picture.  It’s fuzzy ’cause I was in a hurry.  Better pics later.


Whew!  Busy weekend!  Hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a great day.  Thanks for visiting.