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TUSAL – November

Today is the new moon and that means it’s time to check in for the Totally Useless Stitch-Along.  My little jar is overflowing.


November TUSAL Jar

Inside are scraps of beading cord and lots of yarn.  The Gail/Nightsongs shawl, Cauchy socks, two sets of Kids’ Mitts and the crochet coaster are all represented.  The “fluff” coming out the top is the chunk that had to cut from the Ribbed Baby Jacket skein.

And somewhere in there are the white and gray threads from the little lamb ornament.  It’s been pretty neglected lately, but here’s an update.  It looks more complete than it is.  Most of what you see is the gray shading.  The white hasn’t been stitched yet.


Lots of folks will be posting their TUSAL updates today.  I’m going to head on over to Dragon My Needle and see what they’ve been up to.

Thanks for visiting!  There’s a beautiful morning sky outside my window signaling the start of a good day.  I hope it’s good day for you too.




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