The Button Tryouts

Ribbed Baby Jacket button tryouts have begun.  Yesterday the contents of the button bag were dumped and sorted.  Gee, there’s got to be some serious button organization done soon.

There’s about an inch more of ribbing needed.  But I stopped here to fit the button hole.  And now I’m toying with an i-cord loop.  I’m not real fond of the “snappy” things.  The button decision must be made so that I can finish the rib and the sweater.

These four buttons have survived the elimination rounds.  (Click each picture for a closer look.)

Love the wood button. A little too busy for a baby boy?
Pewter color is good.
Picks up the gray colors very well. Like the starburst.
Cute! Too cute??

Any opinions?  Remember there’s about an inch more of ribbing and I’m wondering if these are too small, if a bigger button would be better.  I’m leaning heavily toward one of the buttons above (don’t want to say yet and sway your opinion) but also wonder if I should I keep looking?  I’m certainly not opposed to a little shopping trip!  🙂

I’d love to hear what you think.  Please leave me a comment with your opinion.

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2 thoughts on “The Button Tryouts

  1. It’s probably too late to offer an opinion, I love everything celtic so I like the pewter, but as it is for a little tyke I would go with the lambs, they are just too cute!


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