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Weekend Stuff

This weekend . . .

. . . there was some serious Thanksgiving shopping going on — fresh turkey, country ham, “city” ham, veggies and all the ingredients for pies.

. . . still searching for buttons for the Ribbed Baby Jacket.  Decided on the little lamb button and then discovered that there was only one.  One button would be OK, but it needs to be pretty big and the lamb was just too small.  Here’s what I brought back from the fabric store.  Still trying to decide?


The top button matches the colors perfectly. The lamb and duck come together on the card, but it's the lamb that would look really cute.


. . . finished knitting the baby jacket and ready to seam.  I need to block the acrylic as best I can before starting the seams.  It’s really curling up.

. . . DH repotted the white and lavender mums and brought them inside for the winter.  Surprise . . . they already have new growth and a couple of buds.  Yea!


Bright green new growth and a tiny bud.


. . . a little progress on the cross-stitch lamb.  No pictures because it really looks pretty much the same.

. . . started the November dishcloth (from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL).  No.  I don’t need to start anything else.  I just can’t help myself 🙂


November Monthly Dishcloth KAL

Thanks for visiting today.  Hope you have a great day!