Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday – Busy Week

Yes, it’s been a busy week or so here.  T was home four days for the Thanksgiving holiday.  His last visit had been at the beginning of summer.  We had a great visit.  Sydney LOVES her “boy” and was really excited to see him.  When he arrived, there was a “mad dog” dash in the backyard and then lots of rolling for belly rubs.

The back rub that only T can do the right way.  I think Sydney’s face says it all.  Then the rest of us got to say hello 🙂

The traditional pie baking on Wednesday night required a lot of concentration.  Sydney’s always there in case there’s a cleanup or taste testing needed.

And then the quiet stare after Thursday’s dinner.  Turkey is good for dogs too, you know.

Earlier this week, we had to clear out the old entertainment cabinet to make room for a new console.  Sydney had to supervise every step of the process.  And she wasn’t too sure about leaving the TV on the floor.  The cabinet went down the hall to another room and when we took the sliders off the bottom, she tried to claim them as new “toys”.

But probably the most stress for Sydney came when all her toys that she had carefully placed around the room were tossed in her bed out of the way.  That was the last straw.  The supervision was over and she moved into guard mode.

No one’s moving Sydney’s toys out of “her” room.

Things have calmed down now.  Today the new console is delivered — an early family Christmas present.  The rearranging will pick back up and supervision will be needed again.

Poor Sydney.  Her work is never done.

Happy Dogs on Thursday everyone!


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