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Friday, Saturday and SAL News

The Hawk

Early Friday morning I stood at the back door watching the sunrise.  It was cold and a bit gray.  I was hoping for some nice cloud and light pictures.  We’ve spotted a hawk in the area several times.  And there he was on this early morning, perched high in the neighbor’s tree scanning the neighborhood.  My camera wasn’t able to zoom in close enough for much detail.  But still, he was a real beauty.  There were no sounds, not a bird or squirrel in sight.


First Snow

Saturday morning, DH and I had decided to get up early and hit the stores.  There’s much Christmas shopping to be done.  I raised the blinds to a bit of a surprise — our first snow.  Just enough to cover the deck and drive and dust the yard.  Sydney’s favorite tennis balls were frozen.  Snow hadn’t really been in the forecast for our area.  Snow sets the right mood for Christmas shopping.

First Snow 2009

Snow on the ground to go with the snow falling on the blog  🙂

SAL Update

I’ve finished this month’s stitching for the Christmas Design Stitch-Along.  I decided to go ahead and get started instead of waiting until after Christmas.  I didn’t want to put it off and take the chance of not starting at all.  Here are the first two squares of the 16 in the design.  My goal is to stitch one square each month of the SAL and add an extra square when there’s extra time — 16 squares in 12 months.   The blended blue/silver threads make the snowflake sparkle.

Christmas SAL Progress 12.6.09

I would have loved to keep working, but Christmas knitting WIPs are calling my name . . .  LOUDLY.

Thanks for visiting today.  Must go knit now!