Ribbed Baby Jacket – Finished

The Ribbed Baby Jacket for my “to-be-born-this-month” nephew is finished.  This may be the cutest baby jacket ever!

Ribbed Baby Jacket
Ribbed Baby Jacket
by Debbie Bliss
Red Heart Collage – Tundra
US Size 7, US Size 8
Finished:  December 9, 2009

The pattern (here on Ravelry) was easy to follow and a pretty quick knit.  Collage is a self-striping yarn, so the hardest part was joining at the shoulder to make both sides match, something I hadn’t done before.  I measured from the stitch to the next color change on the first shoulder and then measured out again when I got to the other side.  I only cut a small amount off the skein and used that for the finishing and button loop and I’ll enclose a couple of yards with the extra button in the package.

I finally chose the cutest lamb buttons, but when all was said and done they just didn’t look right.  This button matched the colors perfectly and finally won from all the auditions (here and here).

A two-row single crochet edge at the bottom gave a nice finish and stopped the rolling edge.  Last, I wanted the jacket closure to be adjustable.  So instead of a button hole I added a crochet chain loop.  Leave the loop as is to fasten around a “plump tummy” or twist it as needed to tighten before slipping over the button.

And a few more pictures just for good measure.  Click on each picture for a closer look.

OK.  I’m sure they’ve been waiting for the sweater to be finished.  So we can have that baby now!  🙂

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for visiting!