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A Birthday Present

When I came home from Mom’s on Friday afternoon, there was an interesting box sitting in my chair.  (It’s my chair because I’ve nested so completely in that corner of the family room with my knitting and beading and stitching that no one would think to sit there but me.  And no one really gets much of a chance either  🙂  )

The birthday present from my husband had arrived and inside the box was my new yarn swift!  Yea!!

I had put a yarn swift and ball winder on my Christmas list and was surprised to get it early.  There are advantages to have December birthdays 🙂  It fits perfectly on the table next to my chair.  And, by the way, the table is never that clear but I wanted to show off the swift.  All the “stuff” is waiting on the floor.

Now, I told you here about my old yarn “swift” (the kitchen counter chair) and how I really didn’t mind winding by hand.  I found it soothing.  Well, that was a bit before I discovered lace shawls and the yards and yards of yarn that had to be wound.  So . . . since I intend to continue on with the shawls and since I have lots of skeins waiting to be wound . . . well, I needed a swift to spare my shoulder all that up and down movement.  I have 1760 yards of Jojoland Harmony to be wound soon and high hopes for the ball winder to show up under the tree soon.

I have the best husband!

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