Final TUSAL Post for 2009

Today is the new moon and the last post for the Totally Useless Stitch-Along this year.  My little jar is overflowing!

The newest additions to the TUSAL jar are from the Ribbed Baby Jacket, 4 Christmas dishcloths, and the first threads from the Christmas Design Stitch-Along.  Several projects that had been sitting in the basket way too long have finally been frogged this week and there are snippets of yarn from those too.

I joined the TU SAL at the end of August and didn’t think I’d need a large jar.  Who knew how many little scraps a few months would generate!  I’ve really enjoyed myself with this SAL and have seen so many beautiful stitching projects that others in the group have shared.  The best thing is that I’ve started counted cross-stitch again after many, many years away.

I’m going to transfer my little orts to Christmas ornaments and hang them on the family room tree.  Here’s one with last year’s scraps.  Yep, I’ve been saving scraps since I started knitting.  But it’s lots more fun working along with a group.

So . . . tomorrow starts the new TU SAL year and I have my much larger jar already picked out and on my Christmas list.  If you’d like to join us, all the information and sign up page are found here.

Have a great day and thanks so much for visiting!

One thought on “Final TUSAL Post for 2009

  1. What fun!. I keep all my little yarn and thread and floss ends and in the spring I spread them on the bushes in the yard. The birds pick them up and use them in building their nests. I love seeing a glimpse of yarn in a nest and knowing it’s from a certain project I made.

    You must show us some of your cross stitch. I do a lot of it.


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