Dogs on Thursday

The “Look” – Dogs on Thursday

This is

“the Look”

Sydney gives “the Look” when she really wants you to pay attention.  She’s sending those silent vibes that she wants something.  Strangely, “the Look” is pretty much the same, what she wants can vary, but the message is always pretty clear.  She gives “the Look”  when . . .

. . . she wants her Dad to take her for a walk or jog.

. . . it’s time for the 7 o’clock walkies.

. . . she gives Mom the 3 o’clock and 3:30 warnings that she expects supper at 4:00, no exceptions.

. . . there are squirrels in the yard that need to be herded back to their trees.

. . . other dogs are walking down her street past her house on the way to her park.

. . . the mailman or UPS man has left a package that she needs to retrieve.

So, why was she giving Mom “the Look” last night?

Cherry pie crusties.  It’s good for dogs, you know.  That’s her story and she’s sticking with it  🙂

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and Sydney


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  1. My pack all backs her up on that. They say any pie crust is nutritious. Samba does the same ‘look’ thing when she needs to go out or she thinks I’ve forgotten that it’s feeding time.


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