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A Little This/A Little That

I hope you and yours are having a safe and restful holiday!

We’ve had a great Christmas this year!  I love having T home for the holidays.  My new nephew was born on Christmas Eve eve.  Nineteen family members gathered at my SIL’s on Christmas Eve.  And my mom felt well enough to join us on Christmas day.  Excellent!

I finished one last dishcloth just in time for gifting.  A very nice pattern, fun to knit and the bobbles really make it stand out.

Snowman Tub Cloth
By Michelle Malach
Pattern here
Peaches & Creme — white
U.S. size 6 needles

Four clear ornament balls, stuffed with much of the contents of this year’s TU SAL jar, were added to the family room tree.  Two balls have scraps from knitting projects, one has the bits from this year’s lace shawls and the fourth jar holds the snippets from my cross-stitch projects.  It really was enjoyable to sort the threads and yarns and think back on all the projects from this year.  The rest of the scraps (there was way too much for four ornaments) will probably be spread out for the birds in the spring or saved for stuffing to be used later.

DH and T surprised me with a new camera for Christmas!  I’ve really developed an interest in taking pictures since I attended a workshop a couple of years ago.  DH and T are excellent photographers.  I’m such a beginner still and have so much to learn from them.  Can’t wait to start experimenting.  I’ve joined Through the Eye of the Lens, a group on Ravelry “for those who love looking at pictures, taking pictures, and talking about them”.  More about that later.

Thanks for visiting me.  Enjoy your day and if it’s cold there like it is here — stay warm!