Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday on Friday

Yesterday was a snow day!  And today too!  Sydney loves a good romp in the snow.

As soon as she’s out the door she charges toward the bird feeders to herd the squirrels away.  At one point, there were four squirrels in the trees watching her play with DH, waiting for her to go inside so they could return to their “buffet”.  The birds are less bothered by Syd and grateful for a bit of time that they don’t have to compete with the squirrels.

Chasing an old frozen tennis ball is the best thing ever.

Happy Dogs on Thursday on Friday!

Even though I didn’t go in to work yesterday (or today) I did spend a couple of hours on an online training session and phone conferences.  Other than that, there was lots of time yesterday for knitting on the Heartland Lace Shawl and stitching on the Christmas Patchwork.  Progress Report coming soon.

Thanks for visiting today!  I always appreciate it when you take a minute to say hello.  Have a great day and if you’re in the midst of the cold weather — stay warm!


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