Dogs on Thursday

Dogs on Thursday

Sydney has a great many sleeping spots around the house.  She considers all chairs and couches that aren’t holding people free to be claimed for a good nap.  And we don’t really say much about it.  We know she’s spoiled and, since we’re the one’s doing the spoiling, we’re pretty much OK with that.

Santa brought Sydney a nice warm blanket/throw to help protect the furniture cuddle up in.  And she LOVES it spread over the recliner in the family room.

Now here’s the thing about taking pictures of Sydney.  She might be sleeping, eyes closed, even snoring a bit.  But you turn that camera on and she hears it.  She immediately moves.  Her favorite time to cuddle in “her” recliner is in the evenings while we watch TV.  So the lighting isn’t good.  Forget turning on the overhead light and setting the camera and getting a good picture before she gives you that snort and climbs down.  So the photos above required a bit of iPhoto doctoring to be able to see a black dog in low light.  It’s not the new camera’s fault.  It’s mine for intruding on Sydney’s nap.

Happy Dogs on Thursday.  I’m going blog hopping to see what other DOT friends are up to.

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and  Sydney


8 thoughts on “Dogs on Thursday

  1. LOLOLOLOL. I think Sidney and MaggieMae could be sisters! The both seem to like the recliner and both seem to have that distaste for photo ops! Cute pics. Same positions MaggieMae gets herself into! You were lucky to get the shots!


  2. My cat does the same thing, cuddle up in blankets. She actually likes to burrow into them. Weird!

    I can understand your dogs attentiveness to the camera, lol. Whenever I go to print something and Sandy hears the click of the printer starting, she leaps into action to try to figure out what is going on. LOL…


  3. Sydney and my Misty have a bit in common. They both like the throws we’ve prodived for their especial use and they’re hard to photograph! Black dogs…cute, but hard to share the cuteness!


  4. Sydney is so smart — you never know what those people are going to do with your pictures when you are not looking. Maybe one day she’s going to authorize a few official portraits, if there are enough cookies involved.


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