Needle Tin

I love doing cross-stitch again.  I’m trying hard to keep things in check and not buy every chart and kit that catches my eye.  I especially enjoy looking at all the pretty projects on stitchers’ blogs.  Stitchers share tons of great tips and tricks.

I’ve had the worst time keeping up with needles the last couple of weeks.  I keep knocking them off the table, losing them in the chair.  Besides being a hassle, I just worry about Sydney finding them on the floor.  So far I’ve not really lost any, but it’s still a hassle.  A while back on someone’s blog (I’m sorry, I didn’t bookmark it so I can’t give credit) I saw a magnetic needle tin that they had covered with fabric.  It was lovely.  So . . .

My little needle tin sits on the table and keeps everything nice an neat.  There are usually more needles inside but I cleaned it up for the photo shoot.  The tin was originally a gift card holder — I loved the flower motif and the little charm.  I was in such a hurry to put it together than I didn’t line the bottom, which would have been nice.  The red disk is a jewelry pendant with a round magnet attached to the back.  It sits beside the Ott Lite when I’m stitching, keeps the needle from falling to the floor, and pops back into the tin when I’m finished.  Yea!!

I learn so much from other crafters.  Thank you, thank you!!!