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Snow’s Coming

They’ve been telling us for days that a big snow storm is on the way.  Depending on which forecast you’re listening to, we’re in for 1 to 2 to 5 inches.  Yesterday morning’s sky seemed to confirm that a change in weather was on its way.

All the birds and squirrels in the neighborhood seemed to hang out at the feeders in our yard during the last big snow.

So DH stopped by Southern States to stock up.  He’s adding a new seed mix that should appeal to everyone.

With all the talk of snow, I thought it appropriate to pull out the little snowman and try to get him finished.  He’s coming right along, don’t you think?Just a bit more “tummy” and a little puddle at the bottom and he’ll be ready to finish.  Any suggestions on how to finish him up?  I’m just getting back into stitching and need some finishing ideas.

I finished Shawl #3 last night and will get it blocked this weekend.  The colors are really pretty, the pooling a little odd, and the lighting is just not cooperating.  I’ll try to post a before and after blocking picture soon.  Shawl #2 is sitting quietly on the table staring at me so I guess after the little snowman is finished I’ll need to give it a little more attention.

Well, off to work.  Have a great day and thanks for visiting me!


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