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Sydney’s First Sweater – DOT

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!

Sydney’s never had a reason to wear a sweater in the winter until this year.  She’s a tough dog with a thick coat and just wouldn’t stand still for even a t-shirt.  Last Saturday it snowed and snowed — about 4 inches total.  When we got up Sunday morning, the temperature was zero.  So it was time for Sydney to try on the sweater.

Now this sweater has been around for a while.  It first belonged to Muggs (our big terrier mix, independent thinker), then Ginger (the beautiful golden retriever and Sydney’s mentor/best friend) who outgrew it quickly, and now it was Sydney’s turn.

Funny thing, though.  Did you know that in order to move in this sweater, you have to grab the neck and hold it in your mouth while you walk — or run?  We didn’t know that either, until Sydney demonstrated.  No, she’s not staring at the ground, she’s holding the neck of the sweater.  She’d let go and stand and watch DH.  He’d say, “Run, Sydney, run” and she’d grab the neck of the sweater and take off.  But it’s hard to see where you’re going or where you end up when you can’t raise your head.

OK, there’s a little background story to go with this — no pictures, just a quick story.  When Sydney was a pup, she loved her collar.  She’s still very attached and hates to take it off for any reason.  When we put her first shot tags on her collar, she couldn’t figure it out.  They jingled when she walked and felt funny.  So … she reached down and grabbed the tags in her mouth.  First she tugged and chewed and tried to get them off.  Then she finally gave in and pranced around the house, tags clutched in her mouth, ears perked and tail wagging.  It was such a sight!  Watching her in the sweater was like a repeat of the tag obsession.  I don’t know when we’ve laughed so hard.

She’s a funny little girl  🙂

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5 thoughts on “Sydney’s First Sweater – DOT

  1. That is too funny her running with the sweater in her mouth! My standard poodle I’d had wore bandanas, and I swear when I took on off to wash it or wash him, he thought he was naked!! He was quite comfortable with them on! The only time he wore his collar was when we were going somewhere or walking him. (He was good at walking on the leash, never pulled.) I love the red on her black fur… same as Maggie’s red shirt I got her… on silver/black fur.


  2. What a sweet story! I love the photo of sweater in mouth… Maybe Sissy would wear a sweater if I’d let her do that…


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