Charade Socks

When I finished my Cauchy socks for the UFOlympics, the first thing I cast on was another pair of socks although there were numerous WIPs waiting to be finished.  This pair is for me and I can take my time and not worry about how long they take, so I didn’t feel too bad.  Besides, socks are such nice, mobile projects and I didn’t have anything on the needles that I could carry along.

The new sock is Charade by Sandra Park (Ravelry link).  I’m using Serenity Sock Yarn in aquamarine.  The stitch pattern and the yarn are a perfect match and I’m really enjoying the knit.

As I cast on and started the ribbing, I started to get a little curious about the way the colors were pooling.  I had thought it would be a bit more “stripey” as depicted on the yarn label.  And my next thought was whether or not the second sock would stripe or pool.  I don’t care if my socks match perfectly, but I’d like them to come close.  The solution was to cast on the second sock while I still remembered where I had started in the color switches on the strand.  The second sock is pooling pretty much like the first.  Yay!!

It’s a beautiful day today.  The sun is so bright!  I hope there’s sunshine where you are today.  Thanks for stopping by.


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