Christmas Design SAL – February Update

Phew!  My part-time job has turned full-time these last few days.  No time to post, little time to read blogs and less time to comment.  Things should be settling down, I hope.

Here’s progress for the Christmas Design SAL.  I’ve skipped around from one design to the next.  I couldn’t tell you why  🙂  I thought that choosing a sectioned piece would make it easy to keep up with the portions that I need to complete in order to finish for Christmas.  But it’s not working out quite that well.

I added the second wreath block on the left, just needs the border.  By the time I frogged twice, the border seemed doomed.

I skipped over to the second snowflake on the right.  More frogging.  Arrggghhh!  I’m just not satisfied with the “sparkle” for the snowflakes.  The first one has too much silver, so I tried a different floss combination on the second.  I don’t think it has quite enough sparkle.

I finally made the obvious decision . . . I’m working on the sock  :-0

I hope you’re having a good day.  The weather is so nice outside.  I’m going to put on a sweatshirt and head for the deck with a book.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

One thought on “Christmas Design SAL – February Update

  1. Your design looks wonderful! Suggestion for the star issue: have you considered using Light Effects by DMC? Maybe one color in that group would work out better. Just a thought! 😀


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