Dogs on Thursday

It Must Be Thursday …

…’ cause “Heeeeere’s Sydney!”

Last night Sydney was taking her usual “nap before bedtime” in one of her favorite spots — under the desk.  Her bed and blanket and a ridiculous number of toys all “live” in this spot.  And Sydney arranges and rearranges everything until she has it just right for a nap.

I’ve mentioned that Sydney’s not the most eager pup when it comes to taking pictures.  She’s been known to leave the room when she hears the hum and jingle of the camera being turned on.  So you’ll have to imagine the adorable picture she made — curled like a pretzel on her back in this tiny square of space, all four feet stretched in the air, cuddled next to her favorite stuffed animals and blanket.  Now imagine Mom walking nonchalantly to the camera, without looking at or speaking to her, and quietly turning on it on.  Did you see the quick snap of the head, eyes flying open and body plopping on her side?  Yep…I missed it again!

Well, I think she’s always a beauty so I snapped a couple of pics anyway.  And Sydney lifted her paw stamp in approval on these two.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

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5 thoughts on “It Must Be Thursday …

  1. Your description of trying to get a picture of Sidney reminds me so much of MaggieMae! She does the exact same thing! Amazing how light they sleep at times and heavy at others, but the whine of the digital camera being turned on can be heard even from another room!! I wonder if I put film in my old 35 mm camera might make catching shots like you mentioned more likely? I bet only once if that! LOL!


  2. Thor doesn’t leave because of the camera, but because he thinks someone might either be doing something interesting, or having food without him. As long as Sydney’s happy, that’s what matters, right?


  3. Sydney is certainly a beauty! And only the most beautiful ones know how to get away from paparazzi. We used to have that stuffed hedgehog too. Our Westie loved it and protected it with all her white teeth.


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