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Sock Progress and Two Starts

A few updates that I promised on Friday.

Here’s the Charade sock progress.  I’ve turned the heel and started down the foot.  Should be finished soon.  I just love the colors of this yarn, it’s really soft and feels nice on the foot.

Progress on the sock would have been further along except for the startitis I’ve been having.

This is the beginning of Big Honkin’ Bag by Jana Pihota.  Here’s the Ravelry link.  The pattern is a good-sized cotton bag with a nice texture, pockets and braided cord straps.  I’m using some dark violet cotton that’s been repurposed from a sweater that just didn’t work out.  I think it will make a great project tote.

How cute is this!  Plaid Sheep is a freebie by Casey Buonaugurio.  It just begged to be started while we wait for spring to arrive.  I’m really enjoying it.

π Happy Pi Day!  π = 3.14 etc, etc.  There’s actually an official website here if you want to learn more about π and Pi Day.  And … did you know today is also Albert Einstein’s birthday?  March 14 is a pretty special day.

I’ll have a little time today for stitching or knitting or even the crochet project I haven’t told you about  🙂  before I head off to visit with Mom.

How are you spending your Pi (π) Day?