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Shopping Day

Today was a free day — no work, just fun!  The sun has been shining in a clear sky and the temperature hit 70 degrees.  Love it!!

DH and I headed out mid morning and traveled to a favorite shopping place about 45 minutes from home.  We shopped together, split up a couple of times and had a great lunch at Johnny Carino’s, finished up at the bookstore and stopped for a sweet tea (can’t get enough) and a frappe for DH.  Still plenty of time to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sun.

Today’s trip was more about the shopping than the buying.  I picked up a picture frame for a photo that I’ve been promising my mom to frame.  No photo — it’s just a black frame  🙂

Found this book on the bargain table — 500 Cross-Stitch Blocks by Anna Davidson.  The block patterns are designed in themed sets and can be used separately or arranged together in larger patterns.  And there’s a terrific set of alphabet letters.  I’m anxious to spend some time planning with this book.  There are endless possibilities.

Stopped at the pet store for Sydney’s favorite cookies and visited with some of the shelter cats and dogs.  Honestly, if we lived on a huge farm there would be no homeless animals.

I could not pass Michaels without going inside.  This is where DH and I split up  🙂  I picked up some bamboo knitting needles — short, size 3 for some dishcloths– and a couple pieces of fabric.  I love these prints and they’ll go great with a couple of cross-stitch patterns.

Last stop was at Barnes and Noble to finish off my reading list for the Spring Reading Thing 2010 sponsored by Katrina at Callapidder Days.  It starts tomorrow and I’ll share my list and more information tomorrow.

Well, that’s it.

Oops — one more group of fabrics for linings and cross-stitch ornaments.






Hope you’ve had a good day.  I’m headed outside with what’s left of my sweet tea and my new cross-stitch book.

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