One Done

First sock finished last week.

I like everything about this sock — the yarn, the pattern, the fit — everything.  Now if someone could just give me a shove to get started on the second sock before it’s too warm to wear them.

I’m a little curious about how the colors will pool or stripe on the second sock.  I WILL cast back on TODAY.  No second sock syndrome for me 🙂

So tell me . . . do your socks have to match exactly?  Or are you OK with differences?  I’m still undecided.  Tell me what you like.

Thanks for visiting me today.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “One Done

  1. Second sock syndrome – love it, and so glad I’m not alone 😉 I enjoy knitting socks and am absolutely happy with a pair that don’t match exactly. In fact, I think that the uniqueness of each sock is part of the charm of using self-striping yarns.


  2. What a great sock! I can’t wait to see the second.

    I haven’t ever cared much if my socks match or not – even with the self-striping stuff. It makes them that much more fun, to me.


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