Dogs on Thursday

Special Sign of Spring

Happy Dogs on Thursday

Along with the typical signs of spring, there’s one extra at our house . . . Sydney’s spring trim.  Syd and DH start picking up their long walks and jogs in the spring.  Warmer temperatures, sunshine and thick long black fur make for a hot puppy.  So . . .

I don't pose for the camera. Remember?
I'm a really good girl. See how still I stand for Dad.
Careful there.
I wag my tail the whole time.
Move ... quick ... Here comes Mom for a close-up.
I have the ball Dad. Ready to play when we're finished.

One thought on “Special Sign of Spring

  1. Sidney, you look so sleek and comfortable now! It’s about that time for MaggieMae’s first spring trim too. She’s starting to pant again, so I know she’s getting warm with her hair so long. I’ll be making that call tonight to get her an appointment with the groomer. She has such a thick undercoat she seems to get warm easily when the temps outside are moderating and she’s got her long coat on. And btw, Sidney, what a good girl you are to stand so nice for the clippers!


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