Plaid Sheep Update

I usually don’t make promises on the blog.  It seems that something always comes up to change plans.  A perfect example . . .

Monday was a dreary day spent inside reading, winding yarn and visiting blogs.  I promised to show an update of the Plaid Sheep on Tuesday, hoping that the promise would give me a push to get the stitching finished.  Well it did, and I did.  The problem came on Tuesday.  Yesterday was lovely – dry, sunny, warm.  I was sidetracked by the sunshine, shopping, Billy’s Bar-B-Que  🙂 and another stitching project.  Not enough time on the computer to post.

So, it’s Wednesday and here’s my stitching update.  Better late than never, right  🙂

Paid Sheep
Free chart by Casey Buonaugurio

I used the DMC colors suggested with a few exceptions — changed the lettering color to a more subtle brown, yellow flowers with beaded centers.  I’m planning a little pillow finish and still need to decide on the fabric for the back.  Both candidates are in the picture along with buttons that will probably be used as well.

(Sorry for all the wrinkles in the pictures.  I was in a hurry to get this posted.)

Thanks for visiting with me.  I hope your day goes well.


2 thoughts on “Plaid Sheep Update

  1. I love your little cross stitch sheep. It’s nice to know a fellow cross stitcher. I’m planning my next piece, but waiting till I get my new glasses.


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