I’m Back to Stitching . . .

. . . this week.  YoYo’s Christmas Design Stitch-Along over on Dragon My Needle takes place the first week of each month.  I was traveling in April and next to no progress was made.  So this week, I have to really get a move on and catch up.  Here’s Christmas Patchwork before I got started this week.

The wreath block needs a white border.  My eyes struggle with white on white stitching, so I may need to leave this until the weekend so I can work in the morning light.  The next block is a cute Santa.  All the blocks are repeated at least once in the pattern.  I’m looking forward to the Santa since I haven’t stitched him yet.  Then I need to replace some stitches on the snowflakes with a different floss combination.  If I can get all that done this week and maybe a few extra days, I’ll be happy.  I’ll post an update when I’m ready to set it aside ’til next month.

Wish me luck!      🙂

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    1. Thank you. I’m pretty sure that I’ll have this piece framed when it’s finished. It should be about a 10″ square. With the right fabric, I also think it would make a cute pillow.


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